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Press Center

Luminary Group quoted in Hollywood Reporter’s “Hollywood Hologram Wars”

Faber of Luminary Group quoted in new ABA book on Right of Publicity

Luminary Group’s Founder gives live interview on TBS eFM Primetime with Henry Shinn

Luminary Group interviewed by Associated Press re: Arkansas legend Coach Broyles and Right of Publicity law

A view of the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Babe Ruth exhibit at the Baseball Hall of Fame

National Baseball Hall of Fame recognizes Luminary Group in announcement of major new Babe Ruth exhibit

Luminary Group joins SAG in Keller amicus brief; NCAA settled for $20 Million

Business Valuation Resources (BVR) publishes interview citing Luminary Group’s Faber

LIMA publishes Luminary Group article in August 2013 Bottom Line newsletter

Jury awards $1.8 Million based on expert testimony of Luminary Group’s Faber

North Carolina Bar AssociationNorth Carolina Bar Journal article by Luminary Group

Lombardi “performs” for Super Bowl XLVII half time show

Bloomberg BNA Journal article features Luminary Group

VarietyLuminary Group’s Faber Discusses Virtual Celebrities

WIBC Interviews Jonathan Faber Re: NH Right of Publicity Effort

Luminary Group’s Faber Discusses Tupac Hologram

Faber & Luminary Group Secure Indiana Right of Publicity Law

The Remarkable Star-Power of Luminary Group’s Babe Ruth

SBD Notes Luminary Group’s Support of QB Ryan Hart

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VarietyLawyer’s Connection to the Greats Runs Deep

VarietyThere’s Plenty of Value in a Growing Practice

VarietyThe Business of Bob Marley: Billboard Cover Story

VarietyVideo Game Likenesses Case Divides Hollywood

Client Updates

Jesse Owens named one of the 10 most inspirational runners ever

James Taylor’s new song, Angels of Fenway, focuses on Babe Ruth and the Babe’s legacy

Luminary Group’s clients Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Cy Young, Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige honored in MLB’s Franchise Four fan-voting contest

Babe Ruth’s daughter, 98, throws opening pitch at Fenway Park

Remembering Babe Ruth Day at Yankee Stadium

Honus Wagner card sells for $1.3 Million

ESPN names Luminary Group’s Satchel Paige #1 Negro League player ever & Josh Gibson #3

Vince Lombardi’s sweater auctioned for $43,000

Josh Gibson Heritage Park to open in Pittsburgh

Babe Ruth once again named the greatest Major League Baseball player. Ever.

Luminary Group’s Knute Rockne inducted into Rose Bowl Hall of Fame

Senate resolution honors Luminary Group’s client, Olympian Jesse Owens

AdWeek article reveals why deceased legends (like Babe Ruth, Vince Lombardi and Jesse Owens) are best option for endorsement deals

New Jockey ad licensed by Luminary Group features Babe Ruth

Sports Illustrated names best MLB players ever: #1 Babe Ruth, #3 Cy Young, #9 Honus Wagner, 30% of the top 10 are Luminary Group clients

Jesse Owens film licensed by Luminary Group to Focus Features, will star Jeremy Irons and Jason Sudekis

Babe Ruth auction of first contract goes for $1.02 Million

Babe Ruth’s granddaughter interviewed

10 Interesting facts about Babe Ruth’s major league debut

Remembering Babe Ruth’s major league debut

Major new Babe Ruth exhibit launched at National Baseball Hall of Fame

Confirmed: Babe Ruth greatest Yankee. Ever.

Historic Babe Ruth Hall of Fame plaque goes on tour

Josh Gibson opera “The Summer King” debuts

SCP issues press release on upcoming, historic Babe Ruth auction

Rare Babe Ruth watch to be auctioned

NFL.com readers name Luminary Group client Johnny Unitas the greatest QB ever

Julia Ruth Stevens visits the other House that Ruth built, reports New York Times

Babe Ruth and St. Pete’s spring training history

Babe Ruth’s childhood baseball field to be preserved

Babe Ruth not only part of baseball’s Mount Rushmore, but the Mount Rushmore of ALL sports

ESPN publishes the Gospel of St. Vince

Jesse Owen’s historic Olympic gold medal auctioned for $1.47 million

NY Post interview with Vince Lombardi Jr. gives fascinating insight on being the “Coach’s son”

Vince Lombardi honored by his alma mater

Jesse Owens has “no equal as greatest track athlete,” declares Chicago Tribune

NFL Hall of Famer Art Donovan passes away at age 88. Godspeed, Art Donovan. It was a pleasure working with you.

Coach Vince Lombardi nominated for Emmy Award for his part in CNBC’s “Winning” ad licensed by Luminary Group

Rare, remarkable Babe Ruth uniform on exhibit

ESPN names Vince Lombardi #1 coach of all time

Talking to the great Satchel Paige

Lombardi’s Legacy premiers this week on ESPN

Honus Wagner, one of baseball’s all time greats, and…lawman!

Adweek reports on Babe Ruth cameo in Jockey ad campaign

ESPN: Coach Vince Lombardi well ahead of his time in relation to NBA’s Jason Collins recent announcement

USA Today announces Satchel Paige should be subject of next great baseball movie

Almost 30 years before Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth saved baseball

Luminary Group’s client, Honus Wagner, sets new record! Wagner card auctioned for $2.1M

The Case For Babe Ruth as the Best Ever

Johnny Unitas Became the Best, reports Investor’s Business Journal

License Magazine Announces New Babe Ruth Licensee, American Mint

NBC Honors Luminary Group Client Satchel Paige with Jersey on Outfield Wall

Satchel Paige’s Family Participates in Opening of Refurbished Satchel Paige Stadium in Kansas City

Heinz History Center Honors Baseball Legend and Luminary Group Client Josh Gibson

Babe Ruth Yankees Jersey Sells for $4.4 Million

Satchel Paige’s Family Contributes to New Book

Luminary Group Lands New Babe Ruth Licenses with Chevy, Ripple Junction, Open Brands and Hanover Insurance

Auction of Babe Ruth’s Yankees Jersey Predicted to Set Record

Babe Ruth and the Naming of the Baby Ruth Candybar

Article Provides Rare Insight to Babe Ruth’s Life

Babe Ruth Appears in Pepsi Max ‘Field of Dreams’ Homage

Vince Lombardi Featured in USAA ‘Hometown Heroes’ Campaign