Luminary’s core services consist of marketing, expert witness/consulting, policing, and anti–counterfeiting services.

Marketing and Licensing Services

Luminary develops customized licensing and branding strategies for its clients in order to create new income streams (or maximize existing ones). This in turn enhances the long-term value of our clients’ assets. These strategies are applied to areas such as:

  • Merchandise programs
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Endorsements
  • Sponsorships
  • Branded lines
  • Brand Extension
  • Co-Branding
  • Life-story rights

Consulting and Expert Witness Services

Luminary’s executives have managed hundreds of prestigious brands, and in the process generated thousands of deals for its clients. As a result, our experience and qualifications are often sought after for consulting and expert witness engagements. Some of the areas we navigate include:

  • litigation valuations
  • estate planning
  • divorce proceedings
  • business transfers
  • merchandise, advertising & promotional campaigns

Anti-Counterfeiting and Policing

Infringements and counterfeit products dilute the value of intellectual property and undermine licensing and branding efforts. Thus, policing is a critical component in protecting the equity of intellectual property, and yet, few licensing agents have the experience and bandwidth to perform this service properly. Luminary scours the marketplace for unauthorized uses of its clients. When an infringement is discovered, we present our clients with the best options available depending on the specific circumstances involved. Our goal is to resolve the situation in the most cost–effective manner, while monetizing the unauthorized action that has taken place.